5 tips on How Businesses Can Better Deal With Consumers

Jan 12, 2014 | Leadership & Culture

How to Win Customers

5 tips on how Businesses can better deal with consumers.

1. Service, service, service. It’s a myth that customers are only chasing price. They want to be sold something by people who are well informed and know that stock is available.

2. Set out to exceed customer expectations. When things go wrong, put them right quickly and surprise your customers. For example, refunding broken products without question. A sign of a good company is how well it copes when things go wrong.

3. Multiple channels for delivery. For example, if you’re a bookstore, allow cutomers to buy online as well as in store.

4. Remember, the customer is always right. Customers demand how they want to do business.

5. Use your complainst to drive positive change. The complaints database shouldn’t be viewed as a drain on the company. It’s actually the finest form of market intelligence and can be used to increase your market share. Source: Nick Stace BRW Sept 11

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