Creating a Coaching Culture – Their Value & Results

Oct 11, 2018 | Leadership & Culture

Take a moment and ask yourself these 2 questions:

Do you believe you have more potential than your current performance level? And if yes, what’s the cost of opportunity of not using that potential more often?  This is why coaching is so valuable not just for you but for your team as well.

Implementing a Coaching culture is a game changer on a path to success

A coaching culture is not just training, performance management or mentoring.  It is about developing the leadership capabilities and framework for the whole team in enabling inspiration and encouragement.

The power of a coaching culture in an organization can result in expanded improvements in:

  • Skill development at all levels
  • Creation of a leadership pipeline
  • Engagement by all employees
  • Retention of employees at all levels
  • Increased business performance

An engaged workforce is a huge market advantage

In organisations with engaged workforce:

  • absenteeism is lower by 37% staff turnover by 37%,
  • safety incidents reduced by 49%,
  • productivity is higher by 16%

What is Coaching? – it is the enquirer and investigator.  Conversations that empower!

Before you can become a leader, it is all about growing yourself.

When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. —Jack Welch

Coaching Empowers

  • Directive: Hands on instructive & supportive leadership for those with little to no experience
  • Delegating: Employing a watchful eye & a helping hand to get the most from a semi- experienced individual
  • Coaching: Leaders can leave skilled & competent team members to get on with a task, remaining on – hand if need be
  • Empowering: When a team member is considered an expert, a leader’s role is to simply facilitate, empower, and encourage

Leadership starts with self-leadership – Discover your own qualities

“Leadership is a gift. It’s given by those who follow.

You have to be worthy of Leadership.”

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born leaders and that there is a genetic factor to leadership.

That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.

How to develop a culture that everyone wants to be a part of – that motivates and inspires a team!

Transformational leadership is a process of building commitment to organisational objectives and then empowering followers to accomplish those objectives”

“If we had the kind of culture we aspire to, in pursuit of the strategy we have chosen, what kinds of new behaviour’s would be common? And what ingrained behaviours would be gone?”

Creating the best workplace on earth: A talent management strategy?

What would it be like?

The organisation of your dreams?

  • A company where individual differences are nurtured,
  • Information is not suppressed or spun
  • The company adds value to employees rather than merely extracting it from them
  • The organisations stand for something meaningful
  • The work itself is intrinsically rewarding
  • And there are not stupid rules.

Simply Put:

  1. Leadership starts with us! Change is all around us – if we create a positive inquiring culture to enable others to Learn, Create and Lead.  To Be the best they can be
  1. We will create a successful environment where
  • Your business culture is the best it can be:
  • As a work environment
  • Your customers services is the best it can be
  • And for Stakeholders outcomes
  • Your business reps the rewards

How are you going to be the best you can be?

Change its up to YOU!

But we can help!



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