How Can Small Businesses Make a Big Impact?

Jul 19, 2018 | Leadership & Culture

By thinking big we can transform the world
Even if it is our small world of family and friends
What impact can you and your business have on the world around you?

Over the last 20 plus years of working with 1000’s of Small Businesses I have found there is a clear line between those with their own businesses who have and will always stay small and those that have a different way of thinking.  Creative, thinking and a curiosity – they take risks and most of all they have a

The Facts

  • Qld is home to more than 426.000 small businesses that is those that employ less than 20 people they are at the core of every industry sector. They are in every community in every region, representing
  • over 97% of businesses state wide and employing approximately 44% of all private sector workers.
  • – Women were most likely to be owner managers of an unincorporated business with no employees (51%). – Women business operators were less likely to be independent contractors (38% compared with 55% of male business operators).
  • The mean length of time worked in their current business was 5.3 years for women (and 5.6 years for men). – Over the last two decades, women business operators overall have become less likely to employ staff, dropping from 39% in 1994 to 36% in 2014.
  •  The greatest number of women business operators worked in the hairdressing industry. – The most common occupations of women business operators were bookkeeper, retail manager, general clerk, office manager, secretary, and hairdresser. –
  • Around 17% of women business operators had no intention of ever retiring
  • The average value of unincorporated businesses operated by women whose business was their main job was $114,391,.
  • The average value of incorporated businesses was $435,400 for women

My Story:
Most women start in business for many reasons and one of those reasons is not necessarily about making a multi-million-dollar business. 
They do it because:

  • They saw a niche or need in the market
  • They need time away from their children to keep their sanity
  • To stimulate their brain again or for
  • That bit of extra money to pay for the children school fees or sports fees. 

When you leave school, you think the world is your oyster – then life gets in the way and we forget that oyster and get tied up with life!
I set up my business because I had people asking for my help.
However, I had a lot of other things going on in my life,

  • I was suffering from depression,
  • I had 5 children who never saw their father, so I was their sole support – 4 of them boys I might add
  • I fearlessly needed my independence.
  • I was extremely introverted and yet
  • I knew I needed to change not just for myself
  • To show my children there was a different way and they could change and be different too.

Yes, it was about creating that extra income, but it was NOT about creating that pie in the sky.
I didn’t have the belief in myself to think about a pie in the sky it was about my family.
Now I look at things differently.
Yes, it has taken a lot of hard work and study always feeling that I am just not good enough yet!!!
I love doing what I do, and I know I make a difference

My mission is:

To Encourage, Inspire, Educate and Support.
 By Improving Knowledge Confidence Performance and Profitability
Focusing on small family business.  I have been doing that since 1994.

I wonder how many of you set up your business to create an investment and not to just pay yourself but to give you a return on your investment dollars and to create a saleable business??

There are lots of things that stop us:
#  Going it alone – if you do then you obliviously don’t have a mentor or coach!
#  Not having a vision.
#  Lack of differentiation.
#  No focus on sales and marketing
There is a clear difference between owning a business and being an entrepreneur.
This is one of the things I have worked on a lot in the last few years by changing and thinking big.  I can confidently add that over these past few months it has paid off with quite a few different achievements.
Including Winning awards, going that next step with my coaching accreditation and gaining a grant for my new business.

And for those that don’t know SpareBizSpace Please go on and register on the new site now @

If you want to do BIG THINGS, then set up a Big Impact Big Picture Strategy

You must back yourself – no one else will
Think Big Dream Big Achieve Big
What you focus on is what you get

Small Business Improvement Service would like to offer you
A Free Coffee Date Tuesday mornings Browns Plains or Park Ridge

Think Big and reach for those stars no matter what your dream may be!
Freedom is about curiosity and imagination – to explore to dream up bold ideas. At the same time we need defined discipline structures.

In other words, use methodology to make your imagination reality. If not your ideas will float away with the wind.
You need to think strategically about your business future not just about today.
Thinking Big is not just about making that millionaire business it is about making a big impact! On you and those around you.

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