Understanding Customer Behaviour

Jan 12, 2014 | Leadership & Culture

Building Customer Loyalty

Is about winning the hearts and minds and ultimately the wallet of your target market customers. Building a great customer relationship is part of Your Entire Package.

Customer Satisfaction comes from building an entire retail package for your customers so you become “top of mind” and their friend too automatically think of and go to.

That package is – consistently being better in all facets of your operations from the time clients come in contact with you and your brand or product- it is the art of selling, atmosphere of experience when they walk through your door or make their first phone call to the follow up experience.


Research highlights:


Right stock, Right environment and Right Security. “Timely service, plenty of choice and something a bit new and up to date”.

  1. Return policy & warrantees and guarantees – this is highest on their agenda for most purchasers. They want to trust the business they are dealing with and rely upon you not being out of stock and being there in the future to service their follow on and follow up needs.
  2. Choice of products – Range and depth of your products motivates customers.
  3. Your location – convenience to them a priority.
  4. Simple and strong messages – about products the Visual message and display is part of the package that will appeal to them.
  5. Good staff attitude

Accurate product information.

Delivery as promised – don’t over promise and under deliver and the general service you give above the expectation. Meeting expectation on service, price, product selection and choice all add to the loyalty of your customer.
Turnoffs – inconsistent service, out of stock signs and pushy sales people who don’t know their products.
Bad Service – slow service, arrogance, making customer’s feel stupid or talking down to them.

Customers buy on two levels.

  1. The rational (non negotiable)
  2. The emotional (relationships – confidence, trust, support)

MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS FEEL VALUED and you will build not only customer loyalty but your branding awareness too.

Appeal to the heart and mind of your customers and build your brand and loyalty.

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