Ever Wished For More Profit In Your Small Business?


As a small business owner, have you ever said to yourself…

“I thought I’d have more profit in my business by now!”?

The Cashflow Forecasting ebook is for every small business owner who needs to make a profit, but doesn’t understand how to do it. Do you struggle with any of these common issues:

Paying yourself what you feel you're worth...

Having enough money to pay all the bills with profit left over...

Having time for yourself and your family...

Charging the right price...

Understanding the numbers in your business...

If you said YES to any of those cashflow concerns, then the Cashflow Forecasting ebook will give you actionable insights into the steps you need to take NOW so things can change tomorrow.

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Cashflow Forecasting eBook

Inside the Cashflow Forecasting ebook

Many small business operators have wonderful technical skills but glaze over when it comes to “knowing their numbers”. That’s why I have written this easy to read guide, that will introduce you to some of the key tactics you can take to start your journey towards better cashflow!

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Cashflow Checklist

A check list of cashflow points every business should have in place.

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Cashflow Coaching Program

Learn more about Your Business Cashflow Coach, a program to help you get on track with your cashflow.

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6 Tips to Profit

Cashflow tips every business should have in place to achieve the profitable business they want.

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Discover The Small Changes You Can Make Towards Better Cashflow
Your Business Cashflow Coaching Program

Hi, I’m Helen Cowley

Your Business Cashflow Coach at SBIS (Small Business Improvement Services)

I have helped hundreds of small business owners improve their understanding of their business numbers and become more profitable. I’m here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about your business cashflow!

Years ago, I was a partner in our family’s engineering and fabrication business trying to make the business profitable. The thing is, at the time we weren’t even making enough money to pay us a decent income.

The big problem was that for too many years we were going without. That had me starting to think – what was the point of all this hard work for such little reward? Especially when it ended up with the bank and debtors being on our back!

However, once I stopped making excuses and actually planned out our next 12 months in business and started to think more about the importance of planning and setting a budget for the business, things started to turn around.

Bottom line: In the end we were able to improve from 0% to 30% profit within a year.

If you’re sick and tired of not having enough money in the business to live a balanced life that both you and your family enjoy, then I believe I have the solution you’ve been looking for… let’s get started today!

Helen Cowley - Business Cashflow Coach
Take the Step Towards Understanding Your Business Numbers