Inspiring Stories From Ten Women Who Have Conquered Life's Battles

Discover how you can find gratitude when life isn’t perfect!

These inspiring stories demonstrate how intentionally cultivating a spirit of gratitude is a skill that is to be practiced and worked on continuously. You will discover the valuable tools these ten women each learned along the way in order to develop the skills needed for overcoming life’s challenges.




Gratitude Journalling has played a crucial role in this collection of life changing stories; helping each of these amazing women come out the other side – better, stronger, grateful.

Some of the life struggles that are touched upon in this book are:

Mental health

Family tragedy


Childhood trauma

Sexual assault

Internal struggles

Motherhood and family

As a contributing author, Helen shares her experiences with juggling family life while running a business plus she opens up about her personal battle with depression. Helen shares how she managed these challenges to overcome and conquer, forging a successful career as a business coach, consultant and mentor.

The author’s:

  • Kathy Shanks
  • Dr Carolyn Smith-Keune
  • Helen Cowley
  • Jodie Eustice
  • Michele Scott
  • Neicia A. Roehm
  • Patricia Diano
  • Sharon Le Fort
  • Taryn Claire Le Nu
  • Vanessa Cinocco

PLUS a Companion Journal

Each contributing author has created their own Gratitude Journal as a companion to the Gratitude Book. Helen’s journal “Business Mastery” will help you to get up and dance in your business.

The Journal will help you stay focused, find gratitude and support your positive growth in self-leadership.

Use it as a 90-day Challenge for Change or while working with SBIS.


a 3-month journal to track your focus and gratitude and review your achievements


exercises and challenging activities to help you grow in personal and business areas


quotes to inspire your thoughts


ideas for suggested reading

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Discover you inner peace, happiness and self acceptance with these powerful stories and guided journal strategies.

Helen Cowley – Author

Helen has had her fair share of personal battles that have stepped on her path, like many of us. She shares some of her stories and uses her own gratitude and success strategies to develop a mindset for positive determination, passion, and commitment. This has equipped her to become a highly experienced and qualified business consultant, coach, trainer, and facilitator.

In her 40’s, and with 5 children, Helen started her own business and went back to study, achieving an MBA, two Graduate Certificates, a number of Diplomas, and numerous Certificate level qualifications.

Helen has worked for over 25 years with small to medium size businesses and startups. Reviewing and growing their business through planning and supporting their accountability to help them stay on track. Improving their personal confidence through implementing simple processes such as Gratitude Journals.

Helen has been a guest speaker and presenter for radio and TV, Local State and Federal Government, support organisations such as Chambers of Commerce and networking groups and local and state events in both Queensland and Northern Territory.

Helen’s mission is to to encourage, inspire, educate, and support the human spirit. To create and facilitate vision, strategies, and tactics for that competitive advantage through improving knowledge, confidence, performance, and profitability.

Helen Cowley - Business Cashflow Coach