2022 Big Day Off is Coming

Aug 31, 2022 | Mastering Your Mindset

Every year since 2014, Small Business Improvement Services has advocated that small business owners, make a point of taking a big day off during September.

Studies have been done on mental health and wellbeing of small businesses. The Australian government has also dedicated millions of dollars to support small business owners in their mental health and wellbeing.

When your cup is full it is extremely hard to make decisions, take on current ideas and be innovative when your business is hit with challenges.

Make September a month for – Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy business.

As Business owners, you work hard, customer stress may be an issue, the cash flow might be worrisome, and you are inevitably responsible for everything. In the past I have met many small business owners so stressed about their situation they just cannot think! My first suggestion is always “please take a day off to clear your mind a little, to help me collaborate with you.”

Do you Live to work or work to live? How often do you take the time to empty the overflowing cup in your head and give your business brain a rest. Why not take action to help yourself before you get to this stage.

Mental health is important for being able to enjoy life, be able to cope and make decisions and have the capability to maintain good relationships with your customers, partners, and friends. So, during September why not take a Big Day Off – take time out to Relax, Renew and Revive your Mental health and Well Being. Plan your next 12 months to enjoy your business and your life.

  • How can you promote a positive mental wellbeing attitude in your business? Is it by being a good role model and having your own mental health and wellbeing plan. Does it cover mental fitness, physical fitness, healthy eating, and opportunities for mental growth?
  • Do you ensure you have other interests? Do not live to work, work to live and enjoy life. Don’t get to the end of your working life and have nothing to live for.
  • Do you have your general health checked every year? Dentists, Optometrist, Doctor, hearing test, blood test. – this should be part of your plan. Reach out – Include in your contacts
  • Doctors and other medical specialists. If needed – Beyond Blue and Ahead for Business.

Take Care of yourself so you can take care of your business.

If you are one of the many Small Business owners that feel trapped and unable to get off the treadmill or complete what you need to get done, are overwhelmed with back-to-back meetings, customer demands, staff conflict, endless emails then you are not alone.

This constant pressure creates a circus or round about for procrastination, disarray, stress and can flow on to family conflict. There is also the depletion of energy focus and motivation.

The Big Day Off is encouraging all business owners to take a day off during September to relax, renew and revive to thrive.

Move your body, move your mind, feed your body, feed your mind, grow you mind grow your business

Enjoy your Big Day off during September.

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