7 Steps to Mastering 2021 – Mindset for Success

Jan 19, 2021 | Mastering Your Mindset

What is it about our mindset that we need or can master?  What is my mindset telling me this year and, what can I tell my mindset to get right/sorted or to change?

“Success in achieving our goals comes down to a ‘success mindset’. Successful mindsets are those focused on victory, based on positive mental attitudes, empowering inclinations and good habits. Acquiring a success mindset is the sure-fire way to dramatically increase your chance to achieve your goals.”                                                                                                          

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“Your inner strength is your outer foundations!” Allan Rufus

Make 2021 happen!  Set your growth mindset

“Every year at this time people are setting their new year’s resolutions, setting goals for the year and even doing the annual business planning.   New Year’s resolutions are often forgotten by February, the goal setting” 

Fact %

A little research I have done shows that about 50% of people make a  New Year’s resolutions, but only about 10% actually keep them for more than a few months.

Last year was a particularly difficult year to achieve goals because of the continual shut downs and changes with Covid.

What about Goal and intentions?

The difference between a resolution and a goal.  A resolution is a decision to (not) do a specific behavior, like eating ice cream before bed. A goal is a series of calculated steps designed to help you achieve the resolution, like starting a mindfulness meditation practice at bedtime. By this definition, it may be more straightforward to think of goals as the planned-out process of achieving your resolution. By setting goals, you’re differentiating your desired outcome from the steps you must take to accomplish it.

But want about intentions:  To make one change during the year?

Types of resolutions

New Years resolutions are often set around breaking old habits, focusing on specific outcomes and problems with purpose. Exercise, losing weight and getting organised, learning new skills or hobbies “Live life to the fullest” and save money are in the top list of New Years resolutions.

The good news is that those that make resolution goals are 10 times more likely to make a change in their behaviour than people who don’t make these yearly goals/resolutions ( Journal of Clinical Psychology)”

Yes you can make SMART goals, chose a specific goal, limit your resolutions, focus on the positive not the negative, put time into planning, start with small steps.

      So lets focus on mastering our mindset and planning 2021 that way?

## 1 We know that setting goals helps the success rate.

What is it that you have not changed YET?

Lets think about 3 in priority order- the why and what is the outcomes – your want, Return on Investment at your work, a smooth running house and office.

## 2  understanding our mindset 

Do we have a growth or fixed mindset?

Are we open to change?

The way we view ourselves can determine everything. If you believe your qualities are unchangeable – fixed you will do and prove yourself correct every time rather than learning from your mistakes.

This is particularly the case around intelligence ability, personality and moral character.  We believe what we are is what we are and can’t change.  

If you think your can, you can.  And if you think you can’t you’re right Mary Kay Ash

‘If you think you can’t change the world, it just means you are not one of those that will”  Jacque Fresco

  • What is our self talk?
  • Do we use positive or negative language?
  • Are we open to learning? And learning from our mistakes?
  • Do we blame? or do we look for solutions and changing our results
  • Can you create a list of habits to support your change?
  • Do you surround yourself with people that will help support and encourage your change? (Mentor, coach or accountability buddy)

## 3 The Conscious and unconscious mind: 

What is your focus and is your ladder leaning up against the right wall.  Sometimes there is confusion around our focus.  Eg when I was studying my MBA I was getting frustrated with my business not taking off as I wanted.  STOP my focus should have been on finishing my studies and secondary preparing for my business to take off”  You can have your ladder on the wrong wall and you can have two many priorities (shiny starts – particularly creative people).

Some times by focusing on one thing others will happen:

“With decluttering my house and enabling things to run smoother,  my mind will run smoother.”

To achieve your focus you need to dive deep!.

What about focusing on our conscious and subconscious mindset to really prioritise? What about the preconscious?  

The unconscious mind – our feelings, thoughts, urges and memories.  Preconscious – things that could potentially be brought to the surface of the conscious mind.  The Conscious mind is the aspect of the mental process of what we think and talk about naturally – things that are retrieved easily and brought into awareness.

 Think deep around what your focus areas might be;

Creativity/growth/development for life /business

Income for life.

Future of life,

Way of life-  (My decluttering)

Fund of Life


## 4 Have you allocated time, energy and effort to your mind focus:

Time:  What do you plan for each day, week, month :
If you are going to achieve your outcome do you have a plan and a schedule – you don’t have to do it all in one day. Working over time installs the change.  Rome was not build in a day.

Your Plan and schedule (time):


This week

This month

Energy:  When do you have the most energy and how do you manage it. 

Do you work best in the morning or evening?  How do you replenish your energy? You can’t work at your best when your cup is overflowing! Take the time to empty your cup.  For some that might be learning what that level is for them.  This morning I just had a conversation with a few business friends.  We all have different ways of replenishing our energy and the discovery that there are short bursts of replenishment (the 20 minute snooze or the walk outside to take a deep breath).  Then there is the real grounding exercises – an hour walk on the beach does wonders for clearing the mind.  Or are you the person to lay on the grass and look up at the trees or float in the clouds. What ever it is find your grounding and re energising strategies to work at your best.

Effort: it is the best indicator of commitment and interest. Replace excuses with effort, replace laziness with determination, and everything else will fall into place:

## 5 Being positive and having Smart goals are others:

What is a challenge we can embrace?

## 6 Taking massive action:   

When we take massive action we create our own moment and energy we achieve an outcome quickly and we can see ourselves changing before our eyes.  

## 7 Accountability:

Find a someone to be that coach, mentor or accountability partner.

“Accountability is the glue that ties Commitment to results”

Talking to one person can change your life – you put it out there by that conversation. This also helps to ground and to be realistic in our thinking.

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