The 5 Minds of Business

May 11, 2018 | Mastering Your Mindset

The 5 Minds of Business


“Our Mindset controls the passion that inspires us and the determination that drives us”
Helen Cowley

It all starts with our thinking

Our thinking affects our behavior and our actions.
Our thinking style includes our creativity, our relationships, our systems, and our rational.

The 5 Steps

  1. Mastering
  2. Dreaming
  3. Relating
  4. Systemising
  5. Controlling
1. Mastering your Mindset:  Know yourself – You and only you know, and can change the Power of your thinking.   Think Mindset -Think strengths.  Think Passion
2. The Why are you in Business:  Your Dream: Your Values, Purpose, and Mission – The Commitment – side Hustle or Job, Business vs Investment.
3. The Who do you have around you – how do you relate:  Marketing is about relationships – business is about relationships. How do you relate to your customers and form those relationships?  Know yourself and know your customers.
4. The How – Action, and Automation of your Systems:  The Actions that are consistent every day – You can make excuses, or you can make money, but you can’t do both
5.  The What- Measurement of your Finances. Do you know your KPI’s – How precisely do you create and implement and control your plan – your Financial management and profit improvement – This is Focus  (the outcomes of your dreams)

Mastering Your Mindset

  • Your mindset makes all the difference to your outcomes.  It will make or break you.  Know and understand who you are and what it is that you are trying to achieve. Understand your emotional and social intellect and how YOU work and work with others.  Knowledge is power – educate yourself.  Believe in yourself, be confident.
  • “There is nothing either good or bad, but YOUR thinking makes it so! Our coaching can help you achieve these things……

The Why

  • Why are you in Business?  Is it because of your Vision and Your Passion for what you are doing or is it purely for Profit?  This creates the INVESTMENT vs the JOB. This is your story. What does your business stand for? Your Vision, Purpose, and Mission – this is the roof under which everything sits.  Your Plan and Your Commitment!

The Who

  • Sales are all about people, connections, and marketing. How well do you know yourself, your team, and your stakeholders(customers)? Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold to on a consistent basis.  This in return will MAKE A PROFIT. Do you have a relationship marketing plan?

The WHO is also about having good people around you to support your business – eg: your bookkeeper or accountant – your suppliers – your family – mentor or coach. Do you have confidence in your team? Or does that lack of confidence block your growth and theirs?
TAKE THE TIME FOR THE RELATIONSHIPS. Marketing is relationships, relationships are the value you place in people. Know your Conversion Funnel.

In a Digital age automation (systems) for-profit improvement starts here.

The How 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure


  • The How – your think processes – is your systems. Simplifies your systems and processes!  Set up your chart of accounts for YOUR financial management – not just for Tax Reporting.  Develop a Budget and Cashflow forecast.  Setup Cashflow management and budgeting.  Seeing the breakdown of where and how your spending goes and which areas your income comes from can be a REAL EYE OPENER.  Automation of these things will save time.

Digital technology-The How – CONSIDER

What can you Automate?

Technologies like cloud computing, mobile apps, social media apps, online payment options (eCommerce) financial management software, collaboration solutions, websites data analytics, CRMs all help small businesses to address everyday challenges and by improving your efficiencies you can take on the world.

  • Website – Google analytics
  • Marketing – Facebook scheduling,
  • Active Campaign, Mail Chimp,
  • Scheduling Hootsuite
  • CRM insight, mind-body Suite, Capsule CRM
  • Time tracking Apps:
  • Invoicing and Job apps
  • Payroll a& HR
  • Billing and expenses

The What

  • Don’t glaze over just because you are not a figures person.  It is your business, so don’t leave it all to someone else, keep your finger on the pulse and always know what is happening with your finances even if you have delegated them to someone else.  Create a habit of checking weekly, monthly, or even quarterly.  Know and understand your reports, figures, and values.  Verify your pricing to ensure a profit.  Be able to produce reports that mean something to you and can help you change things if need be.  Set your goals and targets and monitor them on a regular basis.   The truth is in the figures!  Understanding your figures is just one of our specialties – please contact us if you are having trouble with this.


  1. Master your mindset and focus
  2. Plan your vision
  3. Work with your team
  4. Simplify your system
  5. Know your numbers

Mastery is not achieved overnight it takes Passion, Commitment, Focus, and Action

Business is a game of numbers and relationships managed by systems and processes! Our thinking affects our behavior and our actions. 
Our thinking style includes our creativity, our relationships, our systems, and our rational.

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