Opportunity is knocking in your business – right now!

Jan 18, 2014 | Planning & Focus

Do you often feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day? Let alone the time to work on your business goals or the bigger picture? This is the reason many micro businesses don’t grow to their full potential. The focus is on the everyday issues and obstacles, being reactive instead of proactive. Too often, micro business owners are buying themselves a job instead of buying themselves an investment.

If the above sounds a lot (or a little) like you and your business – then STEP BACK! Step outside of your business and look at it through the window. Can you see the potential that is around it, probably right there in the room with you every day? Opportunity is knocking.

Can you see that if you took a break from working on some of the daily business tasks and instead focussed on the bigger picture – how areas of your business could change?

Imagine if you took some time out and worked in developing the business – what could those small changes amount to?

If you took some actions today that were proactive – how much time could that save you instead of reacting when the problems occur?

If you set time aside (just a small amount) every week or even better every day – just how much could your business improve?

Are you visualising how these small changes could result in BIG Improvements? Does it give you goose bumps? To think your business could really be THAT GOOD!

Guess What?! Your business really could be THAT GOOD!!

Start to take time out every week to work on the big picture. Focus on your destination – if you do you will find the obstacles easy to step over, or around, as they arrive. You will become more innovative, proactive and organized. Liken this to walking backwards across a crowded room with your eyes shut, as opposed to walking across the room focused on where you are going.

We often find that the numbers in a business are an excellent starting point for “stepping out of the business and looking at it through the window”. Did you know that your business figures actually tell you a story – and that the information you need to grow or improve your business is already there for you? The opportunities your business needs are so often already in the room with you, or at the door knocking. You just need the time to look at them and find out what they are telling you. An SBIS Business Analysis will help you do just that.

A good understanding of your business’ numbers, knowing your cash and assets can all enable you to make better decisions on future actions and strategies. And recording, measuring and reviewing on a regular basis will help you keep your eye on the ball and the big picture.

Don’t think about the negative or there being “not enough hours in the day”. Just do it! Start with 15 minutes a day, where you work in (developing) your business instead of on (producing) the business.

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