Guest Speaker for Digital Economy

Participants receive a digital strategy audit tool in this workshop style presentation.
Helen Cowley - Business Speaker

Imagine your business in the future Digital Age Economy!

Are you a digital savvy business? Are you trying to be the best? How do you use digital technology in your business? How will it help you win in the competitive advantage landscape?

Data is driving businesses, AI is autocompleting workflows. Software is automating everything. We can access our data and documents anywhere with the cloud, and marketing funnels are being automated on all platforms.

Automation is happening all around us! A recent survey revealed 33% of consumers think they use AI enabled services while around 77% actually do! We are in a digital disruption age. Digital technologies are changing everything – every job, every function, every transaction and every strategy.

Digital transformation is here to stay, it has the potential to make your lives easier and business more efficient and profitable.

“Digital Transformation is not a one-off effort. It is a change to the way you do business using Continuous Modernization.”

The topics covered in the Digital Age Economy presentation include:

What is happening in some areas
Develop a digital audit process
Take a review! Review your current landscape
Set out your own blueprint for digital transformation
Develop a digital strategy and a smarter business
And don’t forget what this will mean to your IT budget

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