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Business Accountability Partner

The Passion, Commitment, Focus and Action Coaching and Mentoring program (PCFA) is an opportunity to have a well experienced business coach as your business accountability partner who walks beside you while you develop the future path of your business. If you are looking for an accountability partner, this program has different levels of support available that will suit every stage of business.

Your Business Cashflow Coaching Program

Your Cashflow Coach

Get your numbers to work for you!
You can let your money control you or you can control your money. It’s your choice! A Cashflow Coach helps you understand the money matters in your business and build a better cashflow. Are you someone who just glazes over when it comes to the numbers in your business? Find out how we can help you change that!

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Business Confidence

Is confidence in yourself and in your business waning? Are you feeling stuck in your comfort zone, and yet you know you need to move beyond that to step up to the next level?

The PCFA Coaching program will help you unlock your capability and potential with Passion, Commitment, Focus and Action. Helen will coach and mentor you as a business accountability partner and help you increase your business confidence.

Learn more about how the PCFA Coaching program provides the opportunity for a successful and professional business coach and mentor to walk beside you while you develop the future path of your business.

Business Performance

Strategic planning is a vital process as you plan to increase your business performance by assessing your business goals and aim to achieve them. We have developed the Strategic Journey package to guide you through the phases of defining, developing, marketing and execution as you establish a well-defined strategic and marketing plan.

If you’re frustrated by a lack of growth or movement in your buisness – then our Fresh Perspective Discovery Session is an opportunity to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at your business, and guide you through the process of looking at your business in different ways – with a fresh perspective. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss new strategies and actions to move your business forward with a successful business coach.

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Business Profitability

In order for your business to be sustainable, it needs to be both profitable and build its value in assets. That means knowing your numbers. However, many business owners just glaze over their numbers and leave it to a bookkeeper or accountant. But, it is YOUR business, not theirs.

SBIS can be your Business Cashflow Coach and help you understand the money matters in your business. If you need a hand in getting your head around your numbers we can help you know your numbers. Take a look at our casfhlow coaching strategy, workshops and coaching program here.

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