Guest Speaker for Business Events

An informative and engaging speaker for business events with takeaway actions and strategies for the audience.
Helen Cowley - Business Speaker

Helen Cowley provides an informative and audience-involving key note speaker for events and educational seminars.


“Believing in yourself and that everyone one has a value. Every environment and situation has experiences that we can take hold of and add to our personal growth and learning!”

Delivering a customised presentation specifically designed to meet your audience or preferred business topic.

If you are looking for a guest speaker who will get your business audience involved, with topics that will enhance and/or improve their business skills then contact Helen Cowley.

Helen involves the audience in ways to get them active and connecting with strategies, techniques and skills that causes them to leave wanting to take action, adapt to change, transform their attitudes, overcome fear and improve their outcomes.

She blends the basic principles of business management with the ever changing environments around small business.

People are 80% emotional and 20% rational – therefore the need to channel that passion and energy with focus and action as well as with passion is the key to their success.


Professional Workshop Facilitator

Helen is a professional workshop facilitator, consultant, business coach, trainer and speaker who can help you identify performance improvement ideas, and leave you walking away with tips and strategies to improve and change your business environment and its outcomes.

Supporting Small Business Growth

Helen is passionate and intuitive; she is committed to supporting and encouraging small business to grow not just in turnover but while improving their working life.

Helen’s topics for guest speaking at business events include:


Business development


Change management


Business marketing




Managing performance and energy


Business planning & marketing planning


Leadership, management and teams


Business innovation


Customer service


Personal development – time management, delegation, self- awareness and learning

Prepared presentations and workshops include:

Biography – Helen Cowley

Helen has spent the last 37 years in the Small Business Arena. She has started businesses, employed people and probably like you had to juggle the demands of businesses and supporting a family life with 5 children.

  • Helen has supported 1000s through networking, awards and government subsidised program such as Flood Assist, home based business grants and many others.
  • She has trained and mentored more than 400 businesses in the last few years, using the TAFE Small Business Solutions program.
  • Advised 100s of others through consulting and coaching.
  • Consulted with businesses from a range of industries – retail shop keepers, trades persons, farmers and graziers, start-ups and, businesses with multi-million dollar turnovers.


  • MBA
  • Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneur & Venture Development
  • Certificate IV Coaching for Life and Business-
  • Diploma of Business Management
  • Certificate IV TAELLN Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Small Business Management
  • Certificate IV Retail Management
Helen receiving Queensland Leaders Graduate Award