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With Our Fresh Perspective Discovery Sessions

Have you been operating your business for some time – but it’s just not moving to the next level? A Fresh Perspective Discovery Session offers a new way of seeing and understanding your business to improve business performance.

Take a fresh look at your business from the outside in

As business owners, we develop a way of thinking about our business that stays within our brain’s comfort zone.

Our perspective is influenced by our experiences, and sometimes there have been events along the way that have tainted our vision.

Yes, we have made some good moves and developed good growth, but now it is hindering our future vision. We have been influenced by those beliefs and experiences and now they have developed blockages into our future growth.

It could be you have some opportunities or challenges and need to talk them over to get that fresh perspective.

Innovation and a fresh perspective are important drivers for creating growth momentum and transformation. Through our Fresh Perspective Discovery Sessions we provide a fresh look and present different ways of thinking with ideas, suggestions, and sometimes new understandings.

Fresh Perspective Discovery Session outline:

Give us your brief

Typically, you give us a brief history where you are at and an outline of your business’s three biggest challenges. We will have discussions around your challenges that will shine a light on fresh concepts, new ideas, and smarter strategies. We discuss and ask a few of the hard questions.

Discuss your challenges

We discuss the changes you want to see combined with what we see.

Look at what is happening around you

We will spend time reviewing your business and the industry information we gather.

Have a brain storming time

We may reframe some strategies you have, or we may reframe the priorities you have set. May be find some new ways.

Discuss new strategies and actions to move your business forward

We then come back to discuss what we find with some paths and strategies and actions for you to implement.

Get Started

To get started call Small Business Improvement Services’ Helen Cowley on 0418 769 531 and we will schedule time to meet by phone, zoom or in person.

After your Fresh Perspective Discovery Session you can take your new strategies and action steps to implement in house, or we can help you. Either way, we are here to empower you to move forward in business by improving your business knowledge, business confidence, business performance and business profitability.

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