Small Business Consulting

Consulting and facilitating your business development processes.
Helping You Find Success With Personalised Business Consulting

Do you need help improving your business?

As consultants, we evaluate current issues and problems, review, report and advise on ways for small businesses, companies, not for profits and entrepreneurs to reshape, change, and improve their working environment and outcomes.

What challenges are you facing?

  • Is your business working the way you want it to or do you stay awake at night worrying about something?
  • Are your staff just not getting along the way they use to, with conflicts rising and performance slowing?
  • Are sales not as good as you want or need?
  • Is the implementation of new systems, software or IT processes pulling your team apart?

Our Business Consulting can help resolve these concerns and works to your timeline and budget.

What Does Business Consulting Cover?

Identifing opportunities for growth

Identifying the opportunities that already exist in your business is what we do best! New opportunities often abound in the areas of growth, strategy, business development, planning, management issues and operational matters.

Problem solving cultural change issues

Problem solving issues in profit improvement, business processes, and marketing leads to positive change management.

Improving your knowledge, confidence & performance

We do this through holistic consulting services of enquiry and a facilitated process of evaluating, reviewing and reporting.

Mentoring to support improvements and change

Realising the full potential of individuals and teams within an organisation requires ongoing training on gap skills, and follow though on the implementation over the long term.

If you’re looking for Business Consulting, you may be interested in our Fresh Perspective Discovery Sessions

Fresh Perspective Discovery Session

Have you been operating your business for some time – but it’s just not moving to the next level? A Fresh Perspective Discovery Session offers a new way of seeing and understanding your business to improve business performance.

More Details

Innovation and a fresh perspective are important drivers for creating growth momentum and transformation. Through our Fresh Perspective Discovery Sessions we provide a fresh look and present different ways of thinking with ideas, suggestions, and sometimes new understandings.

How Business Consulting Works

As a Business Consultant, Helen can provide consulting services at affordable prices for businesses within the Greater Brisbane region (Brisbane, Redlands, Logan, Ipswich and Moreton Bay).

Initial Introductory Meeting

During our initial introductory meeting we work through what concerns or challenges you would like to work on, your schedules and timelines.

Strategy Session

We will focus on reviewing your business purpose, vision, goals and culture. We identify relationship alignments and recap the initial issues and challenges identified.

Reach Your Goals

Through consultation and facilitation we work through the process. We provide objective advice to help you find clarity and use KPIs to plan and measure growth.

Our  Approach

Entrepreneuriship & Business Development Consultations

We provide objective advice, helping you to clarify your business purpose, identify opportunities in the market place, and develop strategies and tactics to take advantage of these opportunities.

Consulting works for:

  • Leadership development
  • Organisational Change
  • Developing high performance cultures
  • Strategy and capability
  • Business Improvement
  • Planning and Management
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