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Get your numbers to work for you!

You can let your money control you or you can control your money. It’s your choice! A Cashflow Coach helps you understand the money matters in your business and build a better cashflow.

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Business Cashflow Coaching strategy, workshops and coaching programs:

Business Cashflow Strategy sessions

Cashflow Strategy Sessions

The Cashflow Strategy Session starts with a discussion about your history, past and present challanges. We will have a conversation about your ideas, thoughts, strategies and outline suggested actions you need to take to make some significant changes.

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Cashflow Workshops

Cashflow Workshops are a fantastic way to learn as you go. You will work your way through developing your budget and business cashflow forecasting! The workshop is a series of 6 sessions.

Your Business Cashflow Coaching Program
Business Cashflow Workshops icon

12 Month Cashflow Coaching Program

Our Cashflow Coaching Program is an extension of the Cashflow Workshops with the addition of coaching support as you work through development and implementation – to help you stay on track.

You will learn to develop your cashflow, budgets, profit and loss, and balance sheets as well as learning to understand your numbers and pricing, including your business ratios, and analysis.

Our coaching and mentoring is with you to support you throughout the 12 months.

How can a Cashflow Coach increase your business profitability?

Do you just glaze over when it comes to the numbers in your business?

Do you have gaps in your cashflow where you are scrounging to make your payments? Are you unsure if your pricing is correct?

Why not work on understanding your numbers? A Cashflow Coach guides you as you learn about:

Understanding pricing

Cashflow management

Analysing your profit and loss

Developing habits

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and no matter if you are a start-up or a seasoned pro, it’s essential that you MAXIMISE your PROFITS.

To do this you need to know your numbers!

If you find yourself saying … “I thought I’d have more profit in my business by now!” then download a copy of our Cashflow Forecasting ebook for some actionable insights into the steps you need to take NOW.

Cashflow Forecasting eBook

Meet Your Cashflow Coach – Helen Cowley

Helen Cowley is a Small Business Specialist having worked as a Consultant, Coach, Mentor and Trainer for the last 25 plus years. Helen not only has the experience, she backs that up with continual Professional Development and Qualifications:

  • ICF Qualified Coach
  • MBA Grad
  • Cert Entrep & V Dev
  • Grad Cert Mgt (Learning)
  • Dip Bus Mgt
  • Dip Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Cert IV TAELLN
  • Cert IV Retail
  • Cert IV Business
  • Cert IV Leadership
  • Coaching and Mentoring and Coaching for Life & Business

To get started call Small Business Improvement Services’ Helen Cowley on 0418 769 531 and we will schedule time to meet by phone, zoom or in person.

Disclaimer: We are not financial advisors, nor do we deal in mergers and acquisitions.


Helen Cowley - Brisbane Business Coach

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