Guest Speaker for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing plans that drive! And save time!
Helen Cowley - Business Speaker

You’ve heard the stories and you’ve worried about how you can come up with content ideas every day or every week to upload onto your social media. Or, maybe your stessing about getting that blog out on time! Well, digital marketing doesn’t have to be that hard!

You want to grow your business online, but it seems like an impossible mountain to climb. In this interactive workshop we show you how to create a Digital Marketing Strategy and plan while spending only 30 minutes a week on implementation!

Discover why develop an understanding of “the why” of your Digital Marketing Plan and social media profile is key to your success. Then we uncover the benefits of your online profile strategy.

Learn how to create your digital marketing brand for all your online marketing and advertising with your target market in mind.

Next we show you how to develop a 12-month marketing plan canvas that you can implement in 30 minutes a week, without spending lots of money or having a big budget.

Finally, you will learn how to integrate, monitor and manage your plan for ROI! Find out to measure whether your digital marketing strategy is actually working.

The topics covered in the Digital Marketing presentation include:

How to create your digital brand
Discover the benefits of a digital marketing strategy
Develop a 12 month digital marketing plan
Learn how to integrate, monitor and manage your plan

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