Guest Speaker for Leadership Culture

How a small business coaching leadership culture can create success!
Helen Cowley - Business Speaker

This session is one in a series of Leadership workshops that takes an holistic look at leadership and teams for implementing a coaching culture that motivates and creates success.

Helen will discuss the benefits of creating your own coaching leadership culture. Help you understand what a coaching leadership culture is and the impact it can have on improving business results. Ways to discover your own leadership style and the qualities you bring is also covered.

You will walk away with a better understanding of the positive impact coaching cultures have on staff and customers. You will know what motivates staff and how a coaching culture will help to retain and recruit good staff that will make your business thrive!

For leaders to be effective in producing better outcomes they first lead themselves. This workshop will provide you with valuable strategies to be more effective in self-leadership. You will walk away with a clear understanding of self-leadership and coaching culture and a stronger ability to:


  • discovering yourself and being a role model leader;
  • understanding your team;
  • understanding a coaching culture and
  • developing an environment to improving business outcomes.

The topics covered in the Leadership Culture presentation include:

A holistic look at leadership and teams
The benefits of creating a leadership culture
How to discover your leadership style
Strategies for being more effective in self-leadership
Developing an environment to improve business outcomes

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