Exceptional customer service

Jan 12, 2014 | Leadership & Culture

“Our words reveal out thoughts. Our manners mirror our self-esteem. Our Actions reflect our character. Our habits predict our future.” William Arthur Ward

How true is this? Start with our Vision and Mission statement – this is what we want our business to reveal.



How confident are we with providing our products and services?

How do we deliver and act when providing our products and services?

And last but most importantly do we provide a reliable customer service? It is the exceptional habits we have in providing that exceptional customers services that will form the relationships for the future.

  • Why is this so important?
  • How important are your customers? They are your life blood!
  • Do you know the life time value of your customers?
  • Do they become your advocates and market your business for you? Word of mouth advertising is the most positive and economical.
  • Do you stand out above your competitors?
  • Customers want to be valued, they want to enjoy visiting your business.

Ideas for providing that exceptional customer service and developing habits for the success of your future.

  • Start with a friendly smile – how often are you serviced by a sour puss.
  • Be prompt and ready
  • Listen listen and listen to their problems. This helps you make specific and individualized recommendations.
  • Be kind understanding and empathic.
  • Deliver more than you promise.
  • Take actions.
  • Treat them as individuals and customize your product and services to them even if only slightly.
  • “Under Promise & Over Deliver”

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