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Jan 12, 2014 | Leadership & Culture

Quote: -Make a difference

Life is not the way it supposed to be. It’s the way it is. The way You cope with it is what makes the difference!
Virginia Satir

We all react differently – after all our personalities are quite different and individual, and this governs the way we deal with things. It also affects the way we relate to people and the way we think. Added to this we cannot avoid our sub-conscious mind and past experiences.
But we can become more aware: Emotional Intelligence (IQ) involves awareness of our own emotions and how they affect us, your reactions and those around you. It plays a bigger part on our thoughts, decision making, and individual success than we think.

Avoid being the type of person who blames their misfortune on everything around you. Dont self-sabotage and restrict yourself with “I cann’t achieve..” or “why does this always happen to me!!”.
Take charge of your outcomes and actively shape your reactions by positive choices:
Understand your own emotional intelligence including impulse control, motivations and your feeling about others. Daniel Goleman has written some great books on emotional and social intelligence.
If you don’t have time to read then set yourself challenges, learn new languages or hobbies. Confront your fears and limitations and stretch your boundaries this all helps to increase your self esteem understanding of your surrounding and other.
So the next time an upset customer come in to your premise take a deep breath and think – how can I react differently to gain a better outcome for both of us!
Next time the car breaks down on the freeway when your in a hurry. Take time out – take a breath and say – time to just sit and relax! Don’t make it harder on yourself.

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