Being Creative

Sep 17, 2015 | Mastering Your Mindset

Being creative in your business is what sets you and your business apart from the rest. Think about Apple and Facebook for just a minute. Both of these businesses decided not to follow the normal route – especially Apple with with their staff environment being more relaxed like home than a work space. They prove that creativity is the cornerstone for businesses to be successful. But we all know that learning and becoming more creative in your business and around your workplace is easier said than done.

Creativity is like a muscle, you need to flex it each day to make it stronger!  I believe that the key in being creative is being open to new ideas, being curious and looking and thinking outside the box. It is about having a wide frame of reference on the world and lots of different dots to join.

Creativity comes from the simple things, like emerging yourself in diversity, really listening to what you hear, see, taste smell and feel can be great stimuli for ideas. At work you can use random objects and visuals to inspire creativity in yourself and other people, making connections between the item you have and the changes you want.

Creating and a creative environment is simple, creating large spaces in the office environment so everyone can come together and collaborate will make everyone contribute and ultimately work together creatively to solve a problem or idea. I encourage a notebook day for incremental improvements, staff are encouraged to come along with ideas that they feel will help to improve their job and the processes they need to go through. This gives them autonomy within their role.

Creativity helps save money as well, if everyone comes together and brainstorms ideas and contribute in discussions then it is more likely that the team will work together to get to the best outcome for a variety of issues you may have or problems you may need to solve or invent a solution for.

Creativity is really the cornerstone of your business, by not being creative you aren’t giving your business the best opportunity to succeed.

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