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Nov 10, 2016 | Mastering Your Mindset

Boost Your Performance at Work In 6 Easy Steps    

How successful you are at work is determined largely by your attitude and how you spend your time, you can do many things to boost and improve your performance.  Simple things that many people don’t even consider.  Here are 6 EASY ways to improve your performance at work that you may never have thought of.

1) Develop A Strong Positive Mental Attitude

Going into to work each day with a strong positive mental attitude puts you in a winning position no matter what challenges you face.   People enjoy being around and to work with people they like. Everybody quickly notices a consistent, persistent strong mental attitude of cheerfulness and optimism. When you make an effort to cultivate an attitude of friendliness toward people, they will make extraordinary efforts to open doors for you – and it rubs off on them too…

2) Manage Your Priorities

Simply put – is the task at hand Relevant or Irrelevant.  Make two list and separate into the Relevant and Irrelevant.  Work on your Relevant list and if you find yourself with a few spare minutes then look at your Irrelevant list. When starting a new project give yourself a time line or finish date and this will give you a sense of urgency to get the job done. Don’t put a Relevant task off because it is just too hard – finish it off so you can cross it off your list.

3) Energy “Good Hours” = Productivity

Plan your Productivity around your energy levels.  There are peak times when each of us are more productive and creative than other times. Taking advantage of your “Good Hours” when you have the most energy. To be able to really focus on jobs at hand is great for your productivity. Expand this idea, by figuring out which days work best for the tasks at hand.  For example:  You might schedule important meetings or brainstorm sessions for the middle of the week when energy is generally high, and low key tasks for Friday.

4) You Don’t Know What you Don’t Know

By continually upgrading your work-related skills you can improve yourself at your work and increase your performance. For example:  Let’s say you are leaning as you go at Excel or Word when it comes to adding information into your computer. If you find you are losing precious time, when you can’t work out how to enter a simple formula or change a paragraph then by attending a course on Excel or Word or even using a You Tube video on “How To” would be a much better option than wasting time trying to work it out for yourself. Upgrading your knowledge and skills as part of your work can really accelerate your business.

5) The Importance of Your Own Persona

A majority of your success will come from your persona and your ability to communicate effectively with others. It will be determined by how much people like you and respect you as a person. You can greatly improve how other people perceive you by continually looking for ways to boost their self-esteem throughout the workday. A little genuine praise and appreciation, on a regular basis, will cause people to like you and want to help you. A likeable person is often perceived as being better at what they do than a person with a negative personality. Make it a practice to listen with respect, attentiveness and interest. The more you honestly and sincerely listen to another person, the more that other person will like and trust you and want to give you additional help and responsibilities. All leaders are excellent listeners. It is a key method of influence. If you want to get people on your side, practice asking interested questions and then listening intently to the answers.

6) Take Action – Be Accountable

Learn more about how to improve your performance at work, and get on the fast track to success. Do you KNOW your skills, strengths and areas of opportunity for growth and learning?  We also help you to be accountable to your Business.

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