Manage Your Energy and Time

Feb 12, 2015 | Mastering Your Mindset

Let’s face it, as business owners we try and do everything; build up our business, eat healthy foods, stay fit, be social with friends and groups, take care of our home and loved ones and being happy and positive on top of it all.

It can be exhausting, can’t it?

The popular opinion is that treating life and business like a race might not actually be in the best interest of us or our business.

Do you often find yourself saying “Life is a marathon, not a sprint.” “I’m in the for the long haul” or “I’ll sleep when I’m old”?

Because let me tell you, I definitely do.

I have 6 Tips that will help you make room for recovery:

1. Schedule it.

2. Double the break you think you need.

3. Enlist family and friends.

4. Make a list of the benefits of R&R and brainstorm your favorite activities.

5. Breakdown your goals to achievable sections.

6. Join Beyond Networking

Beyond Networking is a coaching program that lets be involved in a small group of pro-active business owners who are looking to improve and develop their business profitability and marketing. This is the time to tell your areas of concern and is the ideal opportunity to access a professional business coach while drawing on experiences from the group.  It is a way to help you, to release the stress of your busy life and help you manage your time.

When you are headed for a big business sprint, make sure that you take pit-stops to recover. Revive to Survive!

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