Business Success Moment

Jan 12, 2014 | Planning & Focus

Business Success Moment

Success: You Know You Have Made it When Your Desire to Succeed is Matched only by Your Desire to Help Others Succeed as well.Dane Kobbing

I guess this is about WIN WIN as Steven Covey would advise.

My greatest pleasure is a customer’s light bulb going on. Generating a smile back at someone’s face who has been struggling. When they realise they can achieve their business goals, make a difference and achieve what they set out to do. Giving Business owners that confidence that they are ok and achieving, just need a few more tools to get there.

When many set out in business they often have a dream of customer’s streaming through the door because they have what the customer wants. Along the way they either forget, get side tracked, or don’t do the little things that keep their customer’s happy. They forget their business is their customers


We need to remind ourselves that when we set out our Business Vision and Mission matches our cutomers problems or needs and we are following through in every way to meet our customers desires.

  • Our Products – do they really solve our customer’s needs?
  • Our Price – does it match our customer’s pocket?
  • Our Delivery – are we really delivering for our customers convienience?
  • Our Service – do we service with a smile?
  • Our Process – does it suit our customer’s way?
  • Our Image – does it inspire our customer’s
  • Our Marketing – does it develop the relationship or are they sick to death of the pushy marketing?

Have a momentous month – Helen Cowley

“You can make excuses or make it happen,
but you can’t do both”

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