Time Out

Jan 12, 2014 | Planning & Focus

” Time Out ” for Innovation and Opportunities

Recently I spent time sitting beside the river at Mitchell. My father used to recite “Sometimes you just have to sit and think! and Sometime you just have to sit!”Certainly for me the past four months of this year have just flown – partly because I have had just so much going on on all fronts, family life, business and study. Now was just the time to spend just sitting. So often after applying my fathers’s recitation I will come back feeling as though I have an organised mind and a plan to match, even though I have not been planning and thinking. Rather than jumping from one thing to the next I can go with the flow and produce the outcomes I want..

When we are in over our heads we don’t have the attributes to be calm. When you are in overload you often push buttons and pull strings causing different outcomes than you want.Having the strength passion and committment is one thing but working with a calm flow of events is more productive.

This reminds me of Peter Serge’s……..The 5th Discipline.

  • Systems Thinking
  • Personal Mastery
  • Mental Models
  • Building Shared Visions
  • Team Learning

We need that thinking space to be at our best.

Sometimes that mental space is created when we are on holidays, somtimes when we actually put time aside for planning or innovations, but othertimes it is just when there is a season trend change or an economical chnage in business. Now for many is a time to sit take in the scene and be innovative. In every economic crisis is opportunity – what is your opportunity.

Use your time to be innovative.

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