Ad Hoc Marketing?

Jan 7, 2016 | Marketing Matters

Although it may seem like anyone can be an expert on the Internet these days, knowledge is still a key advantage for small to medium sized business. Yes, it is true that if you do a quick google search about any topic you will be bombarded with never ending information. But do not be fooled, there is a big difference between knowledge and information.

Sir Francis Bacon was the first person attributed to the phrase “Knowledge is Power’.  I am sure that you have all heard it in at some stage in your life, but do you fully understand it?

Knowledge = options = power

When we are business educated, we learn new things that we were previously unaware of. This gives us the ability to make better business decisions, come up with more evolved and intelligent business ideas and thoughts, thus making our business more successful overall.

This then leads into more opportunities for you and your business. This high level of options in your business life gives you the freedom to choose from many different pathways, and that freedom is power. That freedom allows you to have the power to choose your businesses pathway going forward, it allows you to have the knowledge to overcome obstacles.
If you read a book written by genius in rocket-science, you will absorb something. The same goes for if you have a business coach, you will absorb business ideas.
We are all looking for a business edge these days, usually an edge over your competitors. How do you think you are going to get your winning edge?

Knowledge brings confidence, and confidence leads to success and there is no better way to build your confidence than understanding key business drivers.
At SBIS we work with a number of small to medium sized business owners and their teams to help them gain a greater knowledge and understanding of their business through multiple programs tailored to suit you.
The programs we offer: 
  • Beyond Networking – Join a small group of pro-active business owners who are looking to improve and develop their business profitability and marketing
  • 7am Breakfast – Meet like minded business people once a month over breakfast and share ideas and resources, collaborate and create alliances and gain new business referrals
  • Passion, Commitment, Action and Focus – A one-on-one business coaching program.  We will help you; rediscover their dreams and goals, clarify priorities, locate and utilise appropriate resources and strategies and help you stay on tasks and in action mode.
  • Turn Your Ideas Into Reality Workshop – Investigate micro business opportunities, develop a micro business proposal, organise finances for the micro business, determine resource requirements for the micro business, establish networks and more.
  • Build A Better Business Workshop – Develop an action plan, understand the legal requirements in your business, plan and grow your finances, create an innovative market strategy, develop an innovative team,directly address your customer needs, build on your client relationships and much more
  • Marketing Master Workshop – Wherever you want to take your business and career, this versatile Marketing Master Class and Workshop can take you there. Combine a unique and award winning small business mentoring service with a tailored Marketing program and you’ll be part of a Marketing Master Workshop that will transform your business. The Marketing Master Class program provides a convenient study option designed to enable you to acquire specialist training in marketing during a 2 day intensive class and workshop to best integrate with your other commitments

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