Customer Impact Points

Nov 6, 2014 | Marketing Matters

Customer Impact Points- Moments of Truth

How do you offer your customer an exceptional indulgence point or experience or Wow moment to remember?

Moments of Truth: Ine, instance of contact or interaction between a customer and a firm (through product sales force, or visit) that gives the customer an opportunity to (or change) an impression about the firm.

 · What are your key Differentiators, how do you make a moment to remember?

· Importance of Relationships: Relationships are a key factor . How do you make sure your customer feels special

· Customer Retention: How do you make sure your customer wants to come back again and again.

How do you Wow your customers, some people talk about exceptional service or special points the customer may experience or moments to remember.  Either way how do you treat your customers with an experience that they will remember and come back for – does that really matter when there is (apparently) so much buying online?

If you think about the marketing saying “right product right price – right place right time” and I say “right experience”.  How do you stack up with your customer’s expectations.

I think of a recent experience I have had purchasing a water tank.  Their product was the quality we were looking for, the price was right and the delivery was for when we needed it. Everything we were looking for – but what about the delivery experience – A LET DOWN – waiting waiting waiting – we ring them “Oh the driver didn’t turn up today – you might get it tomorrow”.  I wonder what a simple phone call to let us know would have done for our experience.

Even though we feel we are loosing to internet sales and people don’t need an experience they now are looking at a “Connection experience”.  The internet opens doors and in unfolding a generation of customers who might be 50 or might be 15.  It makes our customers much more informed, more connected and much more empowered in real time.

To develop a customer experience can be a competitive advantage no matter how you sell your product.  Developing a Customer relationship in this competitive marketing is about developing your product experience, it is your vision and mission and a by product of the customers experience of interaction with your organisation.

As always you need to develop a plan and process – support and reinforce your procedures. Try having a mystery shopper shop with your buying process and see how you stack up. Close the gap between you and your competition – between you and the digital buying age.

  • Need help to Identify the gaps
  • Develop a plan or process
  • Understand the transformation between your regular business and the digital buying process
  • Design your customer experience (digital) or transformation checklist

Develop a WOW indulgence experience or Moment to Remember

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