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Apr 14, 2021 | Marketing Matters

  “We do not need magic to change the world. we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already”  

JK Rowling  

Every year many businesses develop brand images, set goals, develop business plans and marketing plans and strategies, and often they are not implemented or achieved because, in reality, they don’t believe or create a culture that wows customers into believing they are there for them. 

Marketing is about connecting the right customers to the right product.  Marketing is about sales teams, and people throughout the company, think from the outside-in about what is being offered, convey its value in customer-centric ways, and persist through barriers that can only be addressed through deep customer knowledge and insight. 

The marketing function can and should overcome such challenges.  Marketing involves considering and addressing the entire customer experience, it provides the right context for people to understand the innovation, and it helps identify new partners and channels necessary to engage with customers at the right place, time, and manner.

Here are 5 tips to help you create that wow experience.

1.  Identify your uniqueness.  

A unique value proposition doesn’t mean you have to deliver something completely different from one of your competitors. You can just do it better. … But what is unique is your ability to over-deliver and turn a point of parity into a clear competitive advantage.  Change the way people think about your business. Provide them with such a great experience that they will remember and want to tell others about.

2.  Instill your core values – Vision and Mission

Install core values into staff. Having clear company values helps you ensure that all your employees are working towards the same goals. They help you create a purpose, improve team cohesion, and create a sense of commitment in the workplace. 

A Few examples of workplace values include:

  • Being accountable
  • Make a difference
  • Delivering quality
  • Focus on detail
  • Keeping promises
  • Meeting deadlines 
  • Being positive
  • Showing tolerance
  • Customer care   

3.  Create a happy culture (employee service).  

Your staff are a reflection of your brand and you- Company culture is key:  How do you create a happy culture in your business and keep staff happy.  Much like parents are role models for their children, you and your head staff are the role model for your employees.  Having customers coming through the door is great, but if your staff are under stress or not happy how are they going to react to the customers? How do you react when under stress?   Building a unique, positive culture is one of the best – and simplest – ways to get your employees to invest their talent and future with your business.

4.  Believe in your product

Customers are more likely to trust salespeople who show confidence in themselves and what they are selling. You can build this confidence by increasing your knowledge of your products or services.

Use conventional and creative sources of information to learn about your products or services, including:

  • your own experiences using the products
  • product literature such as brochures and catalogues
  • online forums
  • feedback from customers
  • trade and industry publications
  • internal sales records
  • your team members
  • visits to manufacturers
  • sales training programs
  • competitor information.

5.  Love your customers and Understand who your customer really is? 

Know your customers – After all, they are the ones to give you repeat business. Understanding customers is the key to giving them good service. To give good customer care you must deliver what you promise. But great customer care involves getting to know your customers so well that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.  

Three Key Principles to follow

  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes
  • Using data to understand your customers
  • Ask your customers what they think by running surveys

Understanding the importance of marketing builds up a relationship with the customer. It can be weak or strong according to the marketing methods that can make you on the top or slip from it! So do not slip and let Small Business Improvement Service put you on the top. Check out all our services or contact Helen on 

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and see how we can help you get your business give that WOW customer service

Don’t forget to always smile.  

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