Marketing – The 4 R’s

Oct 16, 2014 | Marketing Matters

Marketing – 4 R’s to giving your customers the right experience.   

Business has two main functions Marketing and Numbers

How do we promote and sell our product at a profit and make sure our customers come back again and again?

Marketing has changed; we really have to develop the first R of marketing – Relationship with our customers, know them and know their problems or issues!

The biggest part of marketing for most is getting customers to buy! How do I grab the attention of my customer, and what are the best-proven results?  These are two questions I am often asked.

Getting their attention – and forming a Relationship – There are 3 major points to remember:

  1.  Talk directly to your customers
  2.  Know what they feel and
  3.  Touch their lives with solutions to their feelings.

There have been many types of marketing but currently, it is about making an emotional connection (we don’t want to be a number we want to be cared about) with the types of people who are looking for your type of product.

To be able to create that emotional connection we need to understand who our customer really is as a person.

Talking directly to your customer– research the personas of your customers creating your customer personas is about defining who your customer really is.  Their profile includes their demographics and physiographic- their goals, challenges, fears hobbies and thoughts. Create a desire – know how to touch their lives by giving the right message and the right solution.

Know what they feel and give them a clear message – Make your marketing pop out at your clients and stay in their memory long after the 2 seconds you have in their radar.  It is about creating something that resonates with your audience.  A lasting impression!

Create a desire for your product as a solution – connect with their challenges and fears really make the connection with your customers as providing a solution, and emotional tie to them and the world – a solution to their issue or a connection with their dreams or reality.

Marketing is a not a battle of Products

it’s a battle of  Perception

 To Create an ongoingRelationshipreally means……

  1. Regularlycontact,
  2. Create a Routine for follow up
  3. Bereliabilitywith quality and service.

The difficulty these days is there is just so much advertising over so many media types, that we get lost being innovative.  In your campaign create leverage and difference by using sound sight taste and even smell.

Do you have a value proposition for your customers?

Do you know where and when they look for your types of product?

What is their problem? What are your solutions?

What about Digital and Internet marketing?  The first step is to understand what digital marketing means to your customers.

To Develop a good marketing plan you really have to assess if you have the right product or service, the right quality for the right people, in the right place at the right time with the right value price for your target market and most of all have you created the right experience? You want your customers to come back and purchase again.

Effective marketing results from effective research, and planning.  Join one of our marketing retreats, workshop programs or coaching…………………..

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