Mar 26, 2015 | Marketing Matters

Networking is an opportunity for your business growth and expansion.

If you are in business you will quickly realise the value of networking to your organisation. Our belief at SBIS is that “Business is a game of numbers, relationships and systems” . Networking is the perfect tool to help start developing relationships with like minded business owners. It is about gaining knowledge and relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in your business environment.

There are numerous networking organisations in most areas of Australia. Some networks are going to be suitable for your needs and some will not, although in saying that any networking is better than none.

Develop your own networking plan and budget.

Do a little research, set your budget and recognise what will best suit your business – having trouble finding a network or developing a plan – we are here to support you. Click here!

7am Breakfasts are not about sitting listening to a guest speaker but about forming relationships with others in business that might be interested in your product but equally might become advocates in spreading the word about your business.

We would love you to join our networking breakfast – meet like minded business owners, learn how to present your “elevator speech”, form relationships with business owners that not only become friends but an extra hand in your business.

Come along to our next Networking Breakfast – held on the 1st Wednesday of every Month.

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