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Feb 26, 2015 | Marketing Matters


Transparent Mega Phone GuyOver the course of my career I have heard of a lot of people start a conversation and get right into their accolades, then immediately start pitching themselves to their customers. What is the customer really getting out of the exchange though?

At SBIS March is all about relationship marketing, not pitching!  When you pitch, you just talk – you don’t connect. Where as when you relationship market, you conduct research and take consideration into what you’re doing rather than just talking.

Next time you meet up with a prospective customer remember to implement the following:

  • GET TO KNOW THE PERSON FIRST, and then the customer will follow behind – understand them as a person. Nobody likes to be treated as a number.
  • REALLY LISTEN, and know who your customer really is as a person – and what they are looking for from your business.
  • WHAT ARE THEIR NEEDS AND WANTS? Try to work out what it is that will make them deal with you rather than your opposition.
  • WHAT SETBACKS DO THEY HAVE or GOALS THEY ARE TRYING TO ACHIEVE? Can you help them the way your business is currently or can you implement changes that will help not only this customer but possible many more.
  • WHAT IS THEIR BODY LANGUAGE TELLING YOU?  You can learn a lot by a person’s body language – look for signs of interest in certain areas, or comments made which might help you gain their confidence.

When you are relationship marketing, people are more likely to come to you because they connect with people that they know, like or trust. How are they supposed to trust someone when they are just being spoken at, rather than to?  Know your audience; it is all about connecting through listening and understanding what your customers really wants!

Marketing is all about staying connected to not only the present, but past and future. Yet staying authentic meaning that you keep in with your vision and mission. You need to be true to yourself and your customers. People don’t buy what you do, they buy you and why you do it.

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