Social Media & the 3 R’s

Oct 20, 2021 | Marketing Matters

Social media is an important tool for websites and businesses of all types, as it can help boost a website’s audience by a huge margin.


But used incorrectly, social media can actually turn off a lot of people who might have been customers.

It can also actually slow productivity down instead of hastening it if incorrectly used when Developing Your Social Media Campaign.  

Here are the three R’s for smart social media use.    

  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Reciprocation


Consistency is vital on the web, and it is a very important aspect of building your brand online.

Whenever you use social media sites, you should work to build a reputation of reliability. In doing so, you should focus on both frequency and quality. A regular schedule is important because it lets readers know what to expect at what times. If you post a few times each day and then disappear for a few days, your followers will disappear, too.

The same goes for consistency in the quality of your content. You should work on having frequent posts, but quality should be your first priority. Keeping the same style and quality of your posts helps readers know what they can count on finding when they come to your feeds.


Respect is vital in the social media world, and it is another big part of building your brand.

In order to attract more followers, you will need to project professionalism in your social media work. Sometimes, your content can be very quirky and weird. Unorthodox content is sometimes the most popular. But as you build your brand in social media, you should keep in mind that you should always respect your followers and other social media users. Not doing so can turn off a good part of your audience.


When getting involved in social media activities, it is important to keep in mind that your main goal should be engagement. Social media offers great opportunities in terms of connecting with readers and potential customers.

But along with providing more content to your readers, you should also be reciprocating their effort. When your readers click on, recommend, and share your content, your website benefits. Part of encouraging them to do so is returning the favor.

Readers always appreciate when you, as the website author actively engage in conversation with them. Rather than waiting for users to run a conversation by themselves, you can click and comment on their links, too, so that the relationship feels more authentic.

It isn’t all about selling it’s about forming relationships,  Self-promotion is important sometimes, but being selfish can wind up costing you clicks.

Knowing the importance and following the 3 R’s of Social Media can make it happen – Don’t Make Excuses  – Enroll now for your Marketing Class Workshop

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